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Our Story

We are a cooperative, community-oriented organization that offers access to affordable, natural and healthy food and environmentally sustainable products. We provide public education and information on health and dietary topics, food justice issues, and environmental sustainability.  We provide members with opportunities to serve the community through efforts like the community garden, health fair and educational events.   We strive to sustain a market and economy for locally produced goods and services through our buying club and storefront located in Eatonville, Washington. 
 If you are interested in special orders, we can help you through our buying club. We also offer money saving organic produce shares. Our organic Produce Share provides community members with organic produce grown by local farmers, and other sources on the west coast.


Vision and Mission

The Mountain Community Co-op is a model example of the positive effects a Community Cooperative can have on a region. The community supports and embraces a local, living economy with a healthy, informed and engaged citizenry. Individuals are valued and their unique skills and talents are utilized to their highest potential. The co-operative is socially responsible and nurtures the health and well being of its members. It works to maintain a small town feel, protect the natural environment, and honor the communities' cultural heritage.

The Mountain Community Co-op (MCC) embodies the spirit of the cooperative model in its service to the greater Eatonville region and contributes to the larger cooperative movement. The MCC promotes personal well being and community vitality by providing socially and environmentally responsible lifestyle choices, with opportunities to participate in a local, living economy. The MCC meets people's needs for:


  • Access to affordable, natural food and healthy products

  • Information, education, and services related to our mission

  • Public service opportunities

  • Cultural and community activities

  • Developing and sustaining a market and economy for locally produced goods and services

  • Individual growth and self-determination


About mountain community co-op

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